Top ten compound exercises

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't you have enough time to work out? Want to develop real strength? If it so then compound exercise is your core routine. Compound exercises are simple exercises that target particular muscle group. Here I give the top ten compound exercises to build your muscle

1. Dead lift
You can move some big weights with this strength builder
2. Chin Ups
It is a tough exercise to do but it worth more and will give you a great structure.
3. Dips
It is a time tested exercise
4. Bent over Row
It helps in developing the back of your body
5. Clean and Press
This exercise will helps in building muscles and the heat and lungs.
6. Bench Press
This will work out the Pecs.
7. Press Ups
It is time tested exercise, depending upon the time your muscles will develops.
8. Squats
Squat is an old traditional exercise which will be useful for building strong muscles.
9. Lunges
A great leg builder that will also build explosive strength and the heart and lungs
10. Crunches
Not strictly a compound exercise but simply the best way to work those abs!